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Fusion AoIP 混合控制台

Since 2003, Axia® is the name broadcasters think of first when they think of networked broadcast facilities. Thousands of radio and audio professionals have made Axia their first choice for powerful, flexible, easy-to-use mixing consoles.

Fusion is the Axia modular console packed with features and capabilities refined from over a decade’s worth of IP-Audio experience. It’s available in frame sizes to support consoles of 8 to 40 faders in single or multiple linked frames. Fusion is powered by the Axia PowerStation® or StudioEngine DSP mixing engines, which means it is now 100% AES67-compliant. It connects to the Axia network with a single CAT-6 Ethernet cable, allowing the sharing of local audio devices (and their associated GPIO control) among multiple studios to maximize efficiency and reduce cost.

New! Axia IP-Tablet Virtual Radio Software
IP-Tablet virtual radio software is one-of-a-kind suite that's a bold step toward the virtual radio studio. It lessens the need for studio monitors by virtualizing the monitoring and control of your Fusion Console or other Telos Alliance gear on a Windows tablet running any of the IP-Tablet Virtual Radio software modules. Sold individually, you can buy those software modules that are most relevant and beneficial to your studio setup, such as the Telos Systems VX or VX Prime phone systems, the Telos Z/IP ONE IP-audio codec, the Omnia.9 audio processor and Omnia VOCO 8 mic processor, xNode, and Axia Pathfinder. IP-Tablet can also now control third-party HTML5-enabled gear. This is Fusion console control, right at your fingertips!