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RAQ Rack-mount IP 音频控制台

Six-fader Axia® RAQ console provides a convenient way to add a physical mixing surface nearly anywhere, no matter how space-limited. RAQ has six rotary faders with OLED channel options displays, two stereo mixing buses and Preview (cue) bus, a high-resolution OLED meter display with switchable VU / PPM ballistics, and monitor / headphone controls for auditioning of Program buses or two assignable External monitor source selections.

RAQ is built for heavy duty work. Aircraft-quality switches feature all-LED lighting. The anodized metal work surface features rub-proof, etched markings that can’t rub off. Smooth, accurate rotary faders with push-on/push-off channel switches make fast work of audio control. And RAQ features Axia’s famous fully-automatic mix-minus for phone callers and codec sources, too. Show Profiles give instant recall of up to 4 pre-defined console “snapshots”.

RAQ is ideal for standalone installation, but networks with larger Axia networks too. A RAQ control surface and a QOR.16 integrated console engine constitute a complete RAQ system, but two RAQ consoles, or one RAQ and one DESQ console, may be paired with a single QOR.16 for cost-effective multi-console deployment.