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AXIA IP平板虚拟无线电软件

When you use Axia gear, you are part of a growing, innovation-driven ecosystem—not locked into one console company’s vision of the future. In fact, part of Axia’s innovation is thanks to the creativity of its more than 100 Livewire partners and its vast ecosystem.

Recipient of the RadioWorld International Best Of Show award at IBC 2017, witness the power of the Axia IP-Tablet Virtual Radio software, designed by Livewire partner IP-Studio.

This one-of-a-kind software suite is a bold step toward the virtual radio studio of the future. It minimizes the need for cumbersome and sight-blocking monitors by virtualizing the monitoring and control of your gear on a Windows tablet (anything from a low-cost Asus model to a high-end Microsoft Surface) running any of the IP-Tablet Virtual Radio software modules. Sold individually, you can buy those software modules that are most relevant and beneficial to your studio setup, such as the Telos Systems VX or VX Prime phone systems, the Telos Z/IP ONE IP-audio codec, the Omnia.9 audio processor and Omnia VOCO 8 mic processor, Axia Fusion Console via modules that control the Axia PowerStation and StudioEngine, xNode control, and Axia Pathfinder buttons. There’s even a Metadata Tools app that allows you to pull metadata information from your automation system to display on the tablet screen. Don’t want to say goodbye to your studio monitors? No worries. IP-Tablet Virtual Radio software can run on your Windows PC, as well.

Aside from virtualizing control, the IP-Tablet also allows you to manage user rights for device access, linking a user’s profile to his or her needs. You can mount the Axia IP-Tablet right into your Fusion console with a beautifully machined, completely flush IP-Tablet Mount or use it on a freestanding tablet. Adding great value to your Axia console purchase, this the IP-Tablet Virtual Radio software puts your most-used console functions right at your fingertips!