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TVC-15 Watermark Analyzer & Monitor

Broadcasting is a numbers business. Your success depends on what kind of audience you attract and hold. Audience size and composition is measured primarily by reports from private ratings agencies, and for most broadcasters, there’s a direct link between those reports and a station’s revenue. In electronically measured markets, having good tools—ones that help you understand the entire electronic measurement ecosystem—is essential to your station’s competitive picture. With TVC-15, for the first time ever, you can detect, monitor and analyze how well each element in your programming supports watermarking. Measurements happen in real time, right off the air, without depending on or being connected to a particular encoder. Every 400 milliseconds, TVC-15’s tone verification codec analyzes the actual code symbols in any audio you feed it, whether yours, or your competitors’. It will work from any source, live or recorded. A front panel graph of your station’s watermark density gives you a granular, moment-by-moment display; you can also download reports to look at encoding quality over hours, days and weeks.

And for stations with a Voltair watermark monitor and processor, you can use TVC-15 to automatically adjust enhancement levels in real-time. TVC-15’s Intelligent Adaptive Enhancement [AE] closes the feedback loop, letting you dynamically control Voltair processing based on moment-by-moment analysis of your actual air signal, pushing enhancement when it is needed, while backing off when not. For more advanced watermark monitoring, TVC-15 lets you See What Counts!