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Omnia μMPX (Micro MPX) Standalone Software

Omnia μMPX is a specially designed audio codec that is able to transport high-quality Multiplexed FM signals (including RDS data) over a relatively small 320kbps data pipe. This specialized codec is purpose-built for FM radio. By reducing data requirements, high-quality multiplexed audio can be economically routed from an audio processor, over IP, and directly into an exciter. Lower bandwidth IP connections and narrow band STL channels can now be put into play to transport MPX signals.

OmniaSST was the first processor to include integrated μMPX capabilities. Omnia.9 now offers optional μMPX encoding capability.

Stand Alone Windows Encoder and Decoder applications are now available, and you can demo the software by downloading the OmniaSST installer. Unlicensed versions serve as a great "work bench" demo of the actual applications, but until a license is purchased, these versions play periodic tones, and are not suitable for air. Refer to the SST manual μMPX section starting on page 59 for more information on configuration. Please note that to order a license you will need to generate a license key from the exact machine you plan to run the software on.