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Zephyr Xstream ISDN Codec

Zephyr Xstream is the world’s leading ISDN codec, compatible with the widest variety of third party codecs. Coding choices include MPEG4-AAC and AAC-LD, Layer 2, Layer 3 & G.722 coding for full-duplex stereo operation of up to 20 kHz audio on a single ISDN line; broadcast quality mono audio at 15 kHz or 20 kHz is possible on a single ISDN “B” channel or other 56/64 kbps channel. All Xstream models feature professional balanced analog inputs/outputs, as well as Livewire® I/O for quick connection to Axia® networks; AES/EBU I/O is standard on rackmount model. An ISDN TA with integral NT1 provides worldwide ISDN compatibility without software changes. Remote Control is possible over RS-232 or Ethernet. Available in rack-mount version and portable version which incorporates a 4-channel stereo DSP mixer with selectable digital processing by Omnia®.